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BOKELA received Innovation Award of the German Federal State Baden-Wuerttemberg

BOKELA was awarded the Innovation Award of the German Federal State Baden-Württemberg, the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award 2010. The awards ceremony took place in the Haus der Wirtschaft (house of the economy) in Stuttgart on 24th of November. The award was ceremoniously presented to the managing directors of BOKELA, Thomas Langeloh and Reinhard Bott, by the Minister of Economic Affairs of  the German Federal State Baden-Württemberg, Ernst Pfister.

The renowned Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award appreciates medium-sized companies for developing and successfully marketing outstanding innovations.

BOKELA received this Innovation Award for the first time in 1998 for developing and successfully marketing of the Boozer high performance rotary disc filter for the raw materials industry. Today it is the continuous rotary pressure filters of the Hi-Bar Filtration type that convinced the jury as highly innovative technology.

The BOKELA Hi-Bar Oyster Filter enables filtration and excellent purification of, especially, finest particulate systems and/or very hot and pressurized suspensions from reactors. At PTA production (pure terephthalic acid) the Oyster Filter allows new process solutions with minimal input of energy and wash liquor and improved product quality i.e. improved product purity. Furthermore, the significantly simplified purification process and the manifold downsized foot print lead to considerably reduced investment cost – according to the guiding principle: smaller, faster, better.
This innovation convinced the jury in all three relevant aspects of the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award. Important guidelines of this Innovation Award are: technical progress, brilliant entrepreneurial achievement and economical success.


The first Oyster Filter for filtration and purification of a hot and pressurized PTA suspension was implemented in a Korean PTA production plant after short time of development. The fast development and market introduction is in two aspects the result of successful teamwork. BOKELA set up a cluster development with competent partners such as Coperion GmbH, Weingarten, Junker Filter GmbH, Sinsheim, Schmidt & Heinzmann, Bruchsal, and the Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT. First of all, this success provides again evidence of the creativity, competence, commitment  and the overwhelming team spirit of the BOKELA employees.

PTA is - as basic material for production of PET – a growth market. A decisive attribute of PTA quality is the purity. Especially for production of PET bottles PTA of highest purity is required and impurities have to be removed to the utmost i.e. concentrations of only few ppm are tolerated. With the Hi-Bar Oyster technology of BOKELA the purification of PTA by filtration and washing replaces the conventional multi-step process by a one-step process with significantly reduced energy and wash liquor consumption and improved product purity.

As consequence of this development success BOKELA could sign the biggest supply contracts of the nearly 25 years old company history which catapult BOKELA to new levels.

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