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Vacuum Drum Filters for Filtration & Washing of Pigments

A German pigment producer decided for BOKELA drum filters for the filtration, washing and dewatering of fine sized (tarnishing) pigments. The product has to be washed intensively and requires an advanced filtration technology due to formation of cracks in the filter cake and due to crystallisation which effects clogging of the filter cloth and scaling.


Four BOKELA drum filters with single-cell design and 5 m² each now replace four 8 m² units of old design. The new filters are equipped with adjustable wash bars for an optimal cake wash to ensure constant product quality. Three different pressure zones for cake formation, cake washing and cake dewatering enable preventing of crack formation at constant solids throughput by exact adjustment of pressure differences, filter speed and suspension level in the filter trough. Clogging of the filter cloth is prevented by means of an exactly adjusted compressed air blowback during cake discharge, intermittent cloth washing with wash bars beneath the cake deflector plate and by means of a bubble zone.

Each filter is capable to run with 160% of nominal performance with constant wash quality so that no extra spare units are required in case that a filter is out of production. The exchangeable filter cells allow a very easy cleaning and an unmatched quick re-clothing.

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