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9 Oyster Filter for Filtration of PTA in China’s biggest PTA plant

BOKELA has accepted an order from China’s currently biggest producer of PTA (pure terephthalic acid) for supply of 9 Hi-Bar Oyster Filters. The filters are designed for a  PTA plant in China which will start operation in 2012. With a capacity of 4,000 kta it will be the world’s biggest plant for PTA.


The one step filtration process with the BOKELA Oyster filters leads to significant process simplification of PTA purification. Oyster Filters allow replacement of the conventional multi-step process by a one step filtration with reduced energy and wash water input and with improved product quality. The Oyster Filters are characterised by simple plant layout and very low  space demand. BOKELA’s Hi-Bar Oyster Filter technology avoid unwanted crystallization/floc formation of dissolved components by keeping the temperature of the separated filtrate on a high level (p, T adjustment). The pressure filtration plant runs fully automated and can be operated via DCS without need for a field operator. The filtration process is smooth and stable as it is controlled by an intelligent logic which is able to self-adjust the filter to changing process demands.

The wet filter cake is discharged from 6 to 6.5 bar to atmospheric pressure. For this important duty BOKELA applies proven COPERION rotary valves with very low gas leakage and 100% discharge.

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