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Instead of Christmas presents: BOKELA helps school students in Mexico

At BOKELA it has been a tradition for years: instead of sending out Christmas cards or presents, we support our next-door neighbors, the social aid organization nph Deutschland e.V. “Unsere kleinen Brüder und Schwestern“ ( For over 60 years, nph has cared for orphaned and vulnerable children in Latin America and accompanied them into a future worth living.


Traditionally, BOKELA supports nph projects related to water. Currently, the nph Children's Village in Miacatlán, Mexico, urgently needs repair of the water drainage system. There are regular floods, so that the welder workshop, in which the students can complete a certified apprenticeship as a welder, is under water.


Our Christmas donation helps to solve this problem. We are delighted to be able to play our part in ensuring that the students will soon be able to get back to shaping their futures in dry workshops!


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