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World Premiere of Steam Pressure Filtration of Coal Ultrafines


In July 2014 BOKELA operated the BOKELA HiBar Filtration pilot plant at the RAG coal preparation plant Auguste Victoria in Marl, Germany, to demonstrate the feasibility of HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration of coal ultrafines.


This world premiere for Steam Pressure Filtration of coal ultrafines was a raving success. Visitors from all over the world took part at this event and could witness the capability of HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration in coal ultrafines dewatering. All visitors were impressed by the pilot plant operation and the dry filter cake with a moisture content below 9 wt% which they could see and sense.


Dry ultrafines below 9 wt-% moisture offer new options in the treatment of coal ultrafines, such as


- admixture to coarse and fine fractions in any given amount

- marketing as a unique stand-alone product

- reduced transport costs through reduced water content

- improved transport to cold regions with long frost periods (prevention of freezing solids)

- no air pollution and dust emissions in alternative thermal drying plants



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