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BOKELA signed double-digit million Euro contract for catalyst recovery with Chinese BDO-producer

BOKELA GmbH, German manufacturer of highly advanced filtration technologies, signed a double-digit million Euro contract with Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Mining Industry Co., Ltd, one of China’s largest producers of BDO (Butanediol) for the supply of a multi-unit dynamic crossflow filtration plant.


The work includes the engineering, design, supply and commissioning of more than 20 BOKELA DYNO Filters, which will be operated in the client’s new BDO production plant for the recovery of catalyst, which is an essential step in the BDO production process.


After strong competition, the Chinese BDO-producer decided in favour of the BOKELA DYNO Filter technology because of its ability to ensure a constant filtrate flow and high catalyst content in the concentrate, which is crucial for an economic production process. BDO is an important intermediate and used industrially in the production of plastics, elastic fibers and polyurethanes.


The filters will be manufactured in Germany and delivered to China in 2014. The contract also includes an on-site supervision package and staff training.


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