Pan Filters

A New Generation of Pan Filters

With their horizontal filtration area, the pan filters enable an excellent cake washing. Main applications are the filtration and washing of coarse grained slurries, especially in bauxite and phosphate processing and in the fertilizer production.

BOKELA Pan Filters define the new standards of pan filter technology thanks to their innovative design and their excellent hydraulic capacity. They are characterised by:


  • 50% higher filtration capacity
  • intensive cake washing in a up to 3-step counter current washing
  • 25% savings in wash liquid
  • sharp split of the mother liquor from the wash filtrate
  • even and homogeneous filter cake over the whole table surface thanks to a homogeneous slurry

    feeding - the so-called Forced Feeding System (top feed system)

  • complete cake discharge even at high filter speed by a scroll which is variable in speed and height
  • efficient heel removal by multiple re-slurrying
  • reliable and safe operation by well-proven control philosophy
  • high filter availability of more than 95%
  • innovative filter cloth fixation, the so-called FrameTrakTM System (optional)



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