We Find the Solution

With its know-how, its onsite experience and market overview, BOKELA submits advice to users in nearly all industrial sectors. BOKELA especially assists by:

  • analysing and solving operational problems (trouble shooting)
  • developing and planning new separation processes and equipment
  • decision making for new investments
  • improving existing filter units (filter revamping) with increase of capacity, of product quality and of the profitability

Trouble Shooting

Comprehensive know-how and considerable experience enable BOKELA to quickly generate an exact analysis when burning operational problems appear or when systematic weak points in the separation process exist. The reliability of the outcomes is consolidated by field tests carried out at the site.


During trouble shooting at the site, the filter equipment is analysed with respect to the mechanical and the process condition. This performance test gives information on:

  • the quality of the filter components
  • the filter bottlenecks
  • the weak points in operation but also during the maintenance work
  • the measures required for eliminating these weak points

The results of the trouble shooting are summarised in a report and detailed during a presentation at client's site. According to the outcome of this meeting, BOKELA works out propositions for the modification and refurbishment of the concerned filter units.

Should the resolution of the operational problems require more detailed engineering work (e.g. lab tests), then a complete filter revamping programme has to be carried out.

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