The activities and engineering performances of BOKELA are focused on optimising of the customer value, ensuring of the required process results and minimising of operational cost.

Our attention is concentrated on the suspension to be filtered and on ensuring clean solids, pure filtrates and an emission-free process. When we conceive the suspension we are able to provide for an economical process solution and a reliable filter plant. Therefore, BOKELA belongs to the technology leaders in the field of mechanical separation world-wide.

Premium Filtration Technologies

Our continuous rotary filters, which are identified as premium filter equipment, are the centre of our filtration technologies:

  • continuous rotary vacuum filters
  • continuous rotary pressure filters
  • continuous membrane filters
  • continuous sieve filters
  • quasi- continuous backflush filters

Continuous pressure filters of BOKELA are known under the brand name Hi-Bar Filters. Especially as Hi-Bar steam pressure filters this technology offers unique separation solutions.

Continuous rotary vacuum filters of BOKELA are characterised by an unrivaled design.

The vacuum rotary drum filters impress as premium „washing machine“. Different methods of cake discharge enable the filtration of large flow rates as well as filtration of difficult to filter suspensions.

The vacuum rotary disc filters - known under the brand name Boozer – excel with tremendous throughput performance and high operational reliability.

The new designed pan filters represent a powerful technology for coarse particle systems especially for applications which require an intensive filter cake wash.

The continuous membrane and sieve filters on the basis of our DYNO Filter design represent an unique and impressive separation technology. Processes of micro-filtration, ultra-filtration and continuous separation of coarse particles (sieve filtration) can be realized with extraordinary high solids concentration with simultaneous washing.

BOKELA filters are coming along with a comprehensive process philosophy enabling

  • a fully automatic operation, startup/shutdown and cleaning
  • a safe and environmentally sustainable operation
  • optimum process results in terms of throughput, moisture content, clear filtrate, best washed filter cakes, reasonable gas throughput, low flocculent consumption, long cloth lifetime
  • feasible operational cost and low maintenance demand

BOKELA’s plant concepts comprise complete operational units for filtration including plant components such as: slurry feeding, flocculent dosage, multistage cake washing, cake steaming, cake transport and storage, filtrate cleaning, vacuum pumps etc.


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