Vacuum Filtration

Drum filters, disc filters and pan filters of BOKELA are modern high performance filters, representing a new generation of continuous rotary filters. The know-how and experience of BOKELA provide the solid basis for the innovative design, outstanding hydraulic capacity, reliable filter operation and low maintenance demand of these rotary filters.


Vacuum rotary filters are used for cake forming filtration and enable to separate the solids and to wash and dewater the filter cake. ┬╗ read more

Pressure Filtration

The pressure filtration offered by BOKELA is a modern high performance technology.

BOKELA HiBar Filtration is the most modern continuous pressure filtration technology that is also known as hyperbaric filtration. The BOKELA HiBar Filtration enables unique solutions for products with poor filtration behaviour and high throughput rates. Additionally, extremely low residual cake moistures can be reached with HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration.


The BOKELA Backflush Filters enable economical solutions for the clarification of industrial liquids. ┬╗ read more

Cross Flow Filtration

The DYNO Filter is a dynamic cross flow filter for micro-, ultra- or sieve filtration.


If viscous or high concentrated, the suspensions can be efficiently thickened, washed, clarified or classified on the DYNO Filter. ┬╗ read more

Testing Equipment

FILTRATEST and DYNOTEST are compact lab filtration apparatus for a quick, easy and reproducible analysis of filtration behaviour and material parameters.


Already a small quantity of slurry sample suffices to simulate vacuum, pressure or cross-flow filtration. Thus, filtration characteristics and product parameters which are necessary for  the process design, filter sizing or to comply with legal regulations can easily be determined. ┬╗ read more

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