BOKELA offers a wide range of services:


BOKELA advises users of solid/liquid filtration technology in nearly all industries. With comprehensive know-how and considerable experience, BOKELA supports its clients in analysing and solving of filtration problems (trouble shooting). Also for the development of new separation processes and the decision making of new investments, BOKELA gives advices and supports users and engineering companies world-wide. ┬╗ read more

Lab Testing

BOKELA has comprehensively equipped laboratory for the determination of the filtration behaviour of solid-liquid slurries.


Numerous testing units at lab and pilot scale, a great know-how and a considerable experience enable BOKELA to realise systematic studies with small slurry samples to determine the filtration behaviour and the decisive parameters with respect to different separation processes. ┬╗ read more

Filter Revamping

The optimisation and refurbishment of running filters is a very economical alternative to the investment in new equipment. With the BOKELA filter optimisation programme, insufficient performances and excessive operation costs can be eliminated quickly and favourably priced.

A filter revamping project typically consists of three steps: the diagnostic step, the engineering step and the realisation step. The results are an increase in filter capacity of 30 to 135%. Typically, costs range from 20 to 40% compared to investment cost for a new filter. ┬╗ read more

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