Lab Tests

From the Product Testing to the Process Design



Although the theoretical approach permits to determine the general filtration behaviour, lab tests remain indispensable for determination of the specific filtration behaviour. Numerous unique testing units at lab and pilot scale enable BOKELA to realise systematic tests  to determine the specific filtration behaviour of a suspension.

Testing Equipment for Various Filtration Processes

The process know-how and the specific testing equipment of BOKELA enable, with small samples and minor efforts, to determine the specific throughput rates and filtration parameters of processes like:

  • vacuum and pressure filtration
  • steam pressure filtration
  • dynamic cross-flow filtration
  • sieve classification
  • backflushing filtration  / polishing filtration
  • slurry pretreatment
  • thickening
  • solids washing

The testing equipment is mostly transportable and equipped with most modern measurement devices that enable to carry out test work even at client's site (e.g. for olding samples).

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