Membrane Filters

Membrane Filtration of Slurries with Micro- to Nano-Sized Particles

The dynamic membrane filtration with the DYNO Filter is a very versatile and high-performing cross flow process for micro-, ultra- or diafiltration of micro- to nano-sized particles in slurry. Tasks like

  • separation of solids
  • concentration or
  • washing

of highly concentrated slurries are performed by the DYNO Filter with high throughput capacity in a continuous operation or in batch operation.

Features and Advantages

  • Separation and washing of solids between 0.01 and 200 microns (micro-, ultra- or diafiltration)
  • High throughput rates even for highly concentrated or very viscous slurries
  • Very high final concentration
  • Pasty, spreadable solids output
  • Absolute filtration (complete separation of solids, no particle in the filtrate)
  • Filtration of sticky, slimy particles
  • Treatment of slurries with high viscous, plastic or thixotropic characteristics
  • Continuous or batch operation
  • Cooling or warming up during the filtration process with integrated heating/cooling system
  • Hermetical process
  • Filtration without air contact

Unrivaled High Concentrations

With the DYNO Filter, the suspensions are treated in a quick and gentle way with unrivaled high concentrations. Even highly concentrated and/or highly viscous products can be filtered and washed. This means savings in wash medium, residence time and footprint. Whereas conventional cross flow filters (e.g. with tubes) achieve final concentrations of 10 - 20 Vol-%, the DYNO Filter produces final concentrations up to 65 Vol-% in one step.

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