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Pan Filters


BOKELA Pan Filters are available with 25 m² to 68 m² filtration area.

All components like the feed system, the filter cells, the control valve, the cake wash system and the cake discharge system are of most modern design, ensuring the excellent hydraulic and easy maintenance of these filters.

Slurry Feeding with the Forced Feeding System (top feed system)

The Forced Feeding System ensures

  • homogeneous slurry distribution over the whole table surface
  • even cake thickness over the whole table radius that is very important for efficient cake washing


Hydraulically Optimised Filter Cell Design - „Quick Drainage Cell“

BOKELA Pan Filters have 16 or 24 filer cells, depending on the filter size. The small cell volume and the special design of the Quick Drainage Cell enable

  • accelerated emptying of the cell
  • sharp split of the filtrates
  • high efficiency of cake washing with 25% less wash water

Control Valve

The pre-separation control valve enables

  • minimum pressure loss by separation of the filtrate/air mixture
  • quick filtrate flow

Cake Wash System

The key features of the cake wash system are

  • homogeneous distribution of the wash water over the whole pan surface
  • high wash water flow
  • no blocking of nozzles
  • up to a 3-step counter-current washing

Cake Discharge

The variable speed and adjustable position enable the discharge scroll to completely discharge the cake even at high filter speed. Additionally, the remaining heel is minimum.


Heel Removal

The heel remaining after cake discharge is removed from the filter cloth by air blow back and spray nozzles. This extends significantly the lifetime of the filter cloth.

Filtrate Piping

Swivelled filtrate pipes can be optionally installed for facilitating the maintenance work, e.g. the replacement of the wear plate.


Steam Zone

As an option, a steam hood can be installed for improving further the wash efficiency and for reducing residual moisture.

Automated Operation

BOKELA Pan Filters are operated fully automatically. Their filter speed is controlled by the cake thickness that ensures a safe operation and an optimal cake washing.



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