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Disc Filters

A New Generation of Vacuum Disc Filters

The BOKELA disc filters Boozer are modern high performance disc filters establishing new standards thanks to their innovative design and outstanding hydraulic capacity. With extraordinary specific throughput rates and small specific footprint the disc filters Boozer are well-adapted to the dewatering of great slurry flows. Their robustness and little maintenance requirement make them very popular at processing plants.

The disc filters Boozer are characterized by:

  • smallest pressure losses and up to 100% higher pressure difference at filter medium
  • up to 100% higher throughput in comparison to conventional disc filters
  • high filter speed of up to 6 rpm
  • 100% cake discharge
  • extremely high filtration area per floor space of up to 7.5 m²/m²
  • automated operation
  • simple maintenance
  • high flexibility
  • high filter availability

Boozer disc filters dispose of outstanding hydraulic capacity. The pressure losses are very low and the pressure difference at filter cloth is up to 100% higher then with conventional disc filters. This results in very high specific throughputs, a quick and unrestricted filtrate drainage and an efficient air blow back for a cake discharge without re-wetting by filtrate.


Even at high filter speed and thin cake height of only 4-5 mm the filter cake is totally discharged. The disc filters Boozer can therefore be satisfactorily operated at a filter speed of up to 6 rpm.

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