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Hi-Bar Standard Filter

The BOKELA HiBar Filters are available with disc filters of up to 168 m2 filtration area and drum filters of up to 40 m2.

Process Design

The BOKELA HiBar Filters consist of proven and robust components like disc or drum filters that are installed in a pressure vessel, that is filled with compressed air during filter operation. The slurry is pumped to the filter trough and separated on the filter (disc or drum). Whereas the filtrate is drained through the control valve and goes to the filtrate receiver(s), the filter cake is discharged in a discharge chute and leaves the pressure vessel passing through a sluice. This reliable and robust system enables pressures up to 7 bar, abs in the vessel so that filtration pressure differences of up to 6 bar are realized.

HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration

The patented BOKELA HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration is a hybride process combining a mechanical and a thermical drying process.

The advantages are:

  • extremely low residual moistures
  • very efficient cake washing
  • extraction of soluble elements from the cake
  • reduction or even avoiding of the cracks in the cake

Apparatus Characteristics

  • Pressure range: up to 7 bar, abs
  • Filtration area of up to 168 m² with disc filters
  • Filtration area of up to 40 m² with drum filters
  • High capacity disc and drum filters with all the advantages of the BOKELA rotary filters
  • The whole filter, with control valve and drive, is installed inside a pressure vessel
  • Complete cake discharge by air blow back of pressurized air that is available for the filtration process itself
  • Individual process design with specific components like cake wash system or cloth washing
  • Horizontal, walkable pressure vessel with big-sized manhole for easy maintenance work
  • Quick cloth replacement
  • Well-proven sluice technology for abrasive and non-abrasive products
  • Wide range of construction materials for adaptation to the various applications

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