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Hi-Bar Standard Filter

BOKELA HiBar Filtration is the most modern continuous pressure filtration technology that is also known as hyperbaric filtration.

BOKELA HiBar Filtration works at pressure differences of up to 6 bar ( 7 bar, abs.) what enables to filter even fine grained products with high throughput rates, low residual moisture contents and a very efficient cake washing. With the patented HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration extremely low cake moistures can be reached.

The HiBar Filtration is a continuous process comprising a rotary filter – disc or drum –  installed inside a pressure vessel. Thus, a powerful and effective separation process is realised with robust and proven components in a simple construction.

For bulk materials like concentrates from iron ore, coal or minerals beneficiation as well as tailings from beneficiation plants, which require large filter sizes, HiBar Filtration plants are constructed with horizontal pressure vessels.

Features and Advantages

  • Continuous process with well-proven disc or drum filters
  • Filtration of fine grained products
  • Filtration of high slurry flows
  • High filtration pressure difference of up to 6 bar (pressure in vessel: 7 bar, abs.)
  • High specific throughput rates
  • Efficient cake washing (especially with Steam Pressure Filtration)
  • Low residual moisture contents (especially with Steam Pressure Filtration)
  • Good accessibility since walkable pressure vessel
  • Closed, gas-tight process room, thus inert-gas atmosphere applicable
  • Compact design
  • Much smaller filtration areas than with vacuum rotary filters or discontinuous filter presses
  • Full-automated operation

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