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Hi-Bar Standard Filter

The BOKELA HiBar Filters offer unique solutions for the filtration, washing and dewatering of big slurry flows. This technology is especially adapted for fine-grained, poorly filtering products and for processes requiring high pressure, high temperature and/or a closed processing atmosphere.

The BOKELA HiBar Filters are therefore well-adapted for the processing of mining concentrates like iron ore, coal or other minerals. It is also adapted for hydrometallurgical products, tailings and products from the chemical and the food industry.

Typical products are:

  • Coal
  • Iron ore concentrate
  • Copper concentrate
  • Zinc concentrate
  • Bauxite
  • Bauxite residues (red mud)
  • Tailings from zinc leaching
  • Iron ore tailings
  • Mineral bulk products like gypsum, fertiliser or similar phosphate products

Lab and pilot tests guarantee a reliable scale-up and sizing of the production plant.

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