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Hi-Bar Oyster Filters

Innovative Solutions for High-quality Separation Applications

The BOKELA HiBar Oyster Filter is the most compact version of the HiBar Pressure and Steam Pressure Filtration. It is used when small filter units are required.

An BOKELA HiBar Oyster Filter usually comprises a drum filter which is designed for demanding filtration tasks in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and life science industries when cake washing is required. Poorly filtering, fine-grained suspensions can be safely separated at high temperature, high pressure (up to 7 bar, abs) and without contamination since the process is hermetically closed. Dramatically low moistures are reached by HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration. The disc filters are used for filtration and dewatering tasks which do not require an intensive cake washing

Application Profile

  • Costly products
  • Fine and poorly filtering particles
  • Toxic products
  • Low boiling slurries
  • Frequent product change
  • High quality requirements
  • Extreme process conditions

Characteristics & Advantages

  • Compact design
  • Innovative filter design
  • High specific throughput rates
  • Efficient cake washing (especially with Steam Pressure Filtration)
  • Very low cake moistures (especially with Steam Pressure Filtration)
  • High flexibility
  • Hermetically sealed system
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Cleaning in place

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