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Backflush Filters

Purest Liquids

The BOKELA Backflush Filter / Polishing Filter is an automatically operated pressure filter. It is used for the clarification / polishing filtration of high liquid flow rates with a low level of solid impurities (typical range: 100 – 300 mg/l). The filtration is performed at up to 5 bar in a pressure vessel equipped with special components. The filtered impurities are discharged from the filter cloth by a filtrate backflush and removed from the vessel as thickened sludge. The filtrate is nearly particle-free.


Characterisitics and Advantages

The BOKELA Backflush Filter has an advanced mechanical design and process design. It stands out with a high throughput capacity, an optimal operation and a high economy. The main characteristics are:

  • high specific throughput
  • low concentration of solids in the filtrate
  • complete cake discharge thanks to optimised backflushing
  • concentrated sludge at the discharge
  • fully automated and simple operation
  • completely closed and clean operation

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