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Pressure Filtration

HiBar Standard Filter

The HiBar Filtration gives unique solutions for the filtration, washing and dewatering of fine grained products that have a poor filtration behaviour or for specific process conditions.

When high throughputs are required, the filters have a higher filtration area and are placed in a horizontal pressure vessels.

Smaller throughput rates can be separated on smaller units, installed in vertically opening vessels, the so-called Oyster Filters. » read more

HiBar Oyster Filter

The continuous HiBar Pressure and Steam Pressure Filtration with the Oyster Filter enables innovative solutions for the filtration of suspensions from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and life science industries. » read more

Backflush Filter

The BOKELA Backflush Filter is an automated pressure filter used for clear filtration / polishing filtration of low concentrated process liquids from the minerals, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and life science industry. » read more

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