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FILTRATEST – the compact, transportable filtration apparatus

The FILTRATEST is a compact and transportable filtration unit that enables a quick, easy and reproducible analysis of filtration behaviour and material parameters. Already a small quantity of slurry sample suffices to simulate vacuum, pressure or press filtration. Thus, filtration characteristics and product parameters can easily be determined and the process design, the filter sizing and the range of filter operation are reliably fixed.


For a wide range of applications, the product needs to be washed out in order to get off impurities from the cake or to make sure that the valuable product will be in the filtrate. Therefore, the FILTRATEST can be equipped with a wash tank that permits to wash the cake during the test. All the results are clearly recorded by a software, making analysis and evaluation easy.


Even the operation of a filter press can be simulated with the FILTRATEST. This way, the different steps of the press filtration can be fixed, giving detailed information on the production cycles and throughputs.


With a filtration area of 20 cm² only and a filtration pressure of up to 11 bar(abs), FILTRATEST enables:

  • the variation of filtration parameters like
    •  the cake thickness,
    •  the pressure difference at cake formation, washing or dewatering,
    •  the amount of wash water,
    •  the filtration medium
  • the determination of filtration behaviour and material parameters at vacuum and pressure conditions
  • the production of small representative product quantities (solids and filtrate)
  • the production of product samples (solids and filtrate) for detailled analysis
  • the characterisation of a filtration medium (e.g. cloth, membrane, sieve)

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