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Sieve Filters

Dynamic Sieve Filtration with the DYNO Filter

The dynamic sieve filtration with a BOKELA DYNO Filter is a new modern process for the continuous separation of coarse particles from a suspension or a disperse system with very fine particles.


Features & Advantages

  • Separation of low concentrated coarse grain from undiluted high concentrated (and very viscous) slurries or disperse systems
  • Sieve cut down to 5 microns
  • High inlet concentration possible
  • Sieving even at viscous or thixotropic flow behaviour
  • The removed coarse particles are highly concentrated what means a very low product loss
  • Continuous operation
  • Hermetically closed apparatus
  • Automated and self-cleaning apparatus
  • Cooling or warming up during sieving
  • Sieving without air contact


The DYNO Sieve Filter enables to sieve very viscous and concentrated disperse systems and suspensions with a sharp sieve cut. This is done in a continuous operation, in a closed system and at high throughput rates. The amount of retentate is very small, that means the product loss (part of fines and/or liquid remaining with the coarse grains) is very low.

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