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Membrane Filters

The DYNO Filter is available with filtration areas of 0.013 to 8 m². Applications in the pharmaceutical industries are managed with the specifically designed DYNO Filter.


Modular Construction

The operation of the DYNO Filter is based on the principle of the dynamic cross flow filtration. The DYNO filter consists of several disk-shaped filter modules that are arranged in series and form a completely closed hermetical chamber system. The slurry flows meander-like from one chamber to the next one and becomes accordingly more concentrated since filtrate is discharged from each chamber. After the last chamber, the concentrate (retentate) is extracted with an automated drain valve.

Dynamic Cross Flow Filtration

The tangential cross flow is generated by the rotors in the slurry chamber whereas the trans-membrane pressure difference results from the feed pump. The liquid flows in a shear gap with high velocity gradient over the filter medium what avoids a blocking of the filter medium. The rotors ensure the homogeneous mixing of the slurry and also of the wash liquid, when applicable.



The serial arrangement of the filtration chambers and the intensive mixing of the slurry enable an effective washing and extraction. Since each chamber is independent, the input of wash water or any other wash liquid can be varied on demand.


Automated Operation / Control Loop for Slurry Upgrading

The power demand of the rotor shaft increases proportionally with increasing solids concentration of the slurry. Thus, the discharge of retentate/concentrate can be controlled by means of the required power of the drive. The outlet valve is opened only when a certain, free adjustable setpoint has been reached, discharging the concentrate at the proper concentration.


Apparatus Data

  • Filtration area: 0.013 m² - 8 m²
  • Number of modules: 1 - 20
  • Diameter of the modules: 145 - 550 mm
  • Hermetically sealed, explosion-proof system
  • Automated and self-cleaning process
  • Maximum filtration pressure: 6 bar, abs.
  • Maximum process temperature: 100 °C (up to 200°C for specific applications)
  • Low to moderate rotor speeds (depending on the filter size), i.e. no contamination by abrasion


Filter Media

Polymeric membranes with pore sizes of 0.1 to 1.0 microns (microfiltration) as well as ultrafiltration or metallic membranes are used as filter medium.

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