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Global 2015 – Award for intercultural Competence

As part of a festive ceremony, BOKELA was awarded the Global 2015 on 30 November 2015.

Every two years, the Karlsruhe Technology Region awards the Global in honor of outstanding achievements in foreign trade. The criterion for this year’s award was „Intercultural Competence as a factor of success in international business“.

From the beginning, BOKELA has been internationally active and provided customers in various countries on all five continents with its technology and services. Due to BOKELA’s strong international orientation, its engineers are permanently in touch with customers and partners from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, the ability of our employees to communicate with people from other cultures and to successfully cooperate with them is of key importance for our company’s success.

With the Global 2015, the jury honored BOKELA’s international strategy as an essential element of our international success.


Seed & Grow Award 2011

Während der festlichen Vortragsveranstaltung im Tollhaus Karlsruhe zur Feier des silbernen Firmenjubiläums zeichnete Professor Hans-Peter Mengele, Hauptgeschäftsführer der IHK Karlsruhe, BOKELA mit dem SEED & GROW AWARD 2011 aus.

"Der SEED & GROW AWARD 2011 der IHK-Technologiefabrik wird BOKELA GmbH für die äußerst erfolgreiche Unternehmensentwicklung und die daraus resultierende Stellung als weltweit führender Lieferant und Entwickler von zukunftsweisenden energie- und ressourcenschonenden Filtrationsprozessen  verliehen. Die BOKELA GmbH war als junges Unternehmen in der IHK-Technologiefabrik ansässig und hat im Laufe der 25 Jahre eine beeindruckende Erfolgsgeschichte geschrieben. Der SEED & GROW AWARD 2011 würdigt diese Leistung".



Top 100 - BOKELA belongs to the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies of Germany

BOKELA was awarded as one of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies of Germany. The awards ceremony took place in Warnemünde, Germany , on  June 30th 2011.


The award was ceremoniously presented to the managing directors of BOKELA, Thomas Langeloh and Reinhard Bott, by the former Prime Minister of the German Federal State Baden-Württemberg Prof. Dr. h.c. Lothar Späth. The jury is made up of prominent personalities from German industry.




Innovation Award 2010 of the Federal State Baden-Württemberg

BOKELA was awarded for the second time the Innovation Award of the German Federal State Baden-Württemberg, the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award 2010


The development and market introduction of the BOKELA HiBar Oyster Filter for filtration and excellent purification of finest particulate systems and hot and pressurized suspensions convinced the jury. At production of PTA the BOKELA HiBar Oyster Filter allows new process solutions. With the Oyster Filter technology of BOKELA the purification of PTA by filtration and washing replaces the conventional multi-step process by a one-step process with significantly reduced energy and wash liquor consumption and improved product purity.


The renowned Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award appreciates medium-sized companies for developing and successfully marketing outstanding innovations. BOKELA received this Innovation Award for the first time in 1998.

Award from Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) for successful technology transfer

In September 2005 BOKELA was awarded by BMA for the cooperation which enabled BMA a successful and valuable knowledge and technology transfer between two different sites of BMA.

Award by the Federal President of Germany Roman Herzog

In March 1999 BOKELA was honoured by the German Federal President Roman Herzog during a reception in the president's residence Castle Bellevue as one of the 30 most successful "Science-Spin-off" companies of Germany.

Innovation Award of the Federal State Baden-Württemberg

In 1998, BOKELA was awarded the Innovation Award of Baden-Württemberg, the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Preis, for the development and the successful market introduction of the High Performance Disc Filter Type "Boozer"

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