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Center of Excellence for Solid/Liquid Separation

In the world of process technology BOKELA is known as Center of Excellence for solid/liquid separation.

On the basis of a comprehensive and deep knowledge of the physics of suspensions and flow BOKELA offers complete services:


  • lab tests in a large test field
  • design of reliable, capable filter apparatus with high performance
  • supply of complete and fully automatic filter plants
    • as working horse for the everyday use
    • as high technology for demanding applications
  • support of clients by practice oriented training
  • support of clients with a comprehensive maintenance program for filtration equipment

Customer Orientation, Reliability, Innovation

BOKELA is a high performing, medium-sized private enterprise with highly qualified personnel, world-wide structure of distribution and clients. Main characteristics of BOKELA are:


  • high flexibility, customer orientation, tailor-made solutions
  • reliability, trustworthiness
  • permanent innovation and enhancement of our  filtration technologies

BOKELA is active world-wide and cooperates with renown partners in specific markets.

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